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Welcome to Preservation Champs!


Preservation Champs is an honest family run business, property restoration and preservation company with a combined eighteen years experience in residential and commercial service industry.

Unlike other companies, which simply haul trash or clean.  We do our best to do it all! Our unique services help protect and preserve our clients collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process to the sale of the property.

We work exclusively for Banks, Lenders, Realtors, and select Investors, so we know what to expect and what is expected.  By understanding such expectations, we stay on top of the frequent changes, ensuring all work is completed in accordance with the insurer specification.  We provide an adequate turn-around, including making every effort to begin work within 48 hours of written approval.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the security in knowing that 90% of our services are performed in house and to current HUD specifications.  We also provide digital photos of all before, during, and after work for proper documentation of each work order.

Preservation Champs currently services the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding counties. The clients that we choose to work with consider us their partners in providing quality and dependable service.


Our Services Include:


Boarding, Securing, & Winterizing/De-Winterizing Properties

Code Violation Abatement

General Repair Services

Interior/Exterior Cleaning, Trash-Out & Debris Removal

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

Occupancy Verification

Ongoing Property & Home Inspections

Re-Key & Lockbox Services




Best of all, Preservation Champs utilizes the most cost-effective procedures to help eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for our clients and carries comprehensive general liability insurance.


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