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Services Provided by Preservation Champs 


* Boarding Properties

* Winterizing Properties

* Code Violation Abatement

* Interior/Exterior Cleanout and Cleaning

* Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

* Ongoing Property/Home Inspections

* Secure Properties

* De-Winterizing Properties

* General Repair Services

* Trash-Outs and Debris Removal

* Occupancy Verification

* Re-Key & Lockbox Services



Boarding Properties

Boarding windows & entryways to deter any vandalism & damage protection to HUD Specifications.


Secure the Property

Assuring that all properties are secured with no possibility of entry.


Winterizing/De-Winterizing Property 

Partial or Complete Winterizing of the property.


Code Violation Abatement

Bring property up to Code to Prevent Future Violations Cited.


General Repair Services

Written interior and exterior repair estimates for cosmetic make-over.


Interior/Exterior Cleanout and Cleaning

Deep cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces, leaving interior and exterior areas cleaned, including garages.


Trash-Outs and Debris Removal

Removing all debris/trash from interior and exterior, along with haul off service.


Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

Oversight of all lawn maintenance/landscaping per client guidelines.


Occupancy Verification

Same day occupancy checks.


Ongoing Property/Home Inspections

Computer generated report with pictures.


Re-Key & Lockbox Services

Lock services to secure property and keeping your asset preserved.


Recurring Services


Bi-Monthly or Monthly Drive By Inspections

Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

Monthly Cleaning Services

Other Services Offered to Enhance the Marketability and Curb Appeal of the Property



24/7 Emergency & Safety Maintenance

Mulch Flower Beds

Cabinet Repair

Prune Lower Tree Branches (Up to 3 in diameter)

Clean/Replace Appliances

Re-Seed & Fertilize

Coordination of Turn On/Off from Utility Companies

Re-Program Sprinkler System

Deck Repair

Sod/Grass Replacement


Sprinkler Head Adjustment/Replacement

Drywall Repair


Flooring Repair/Replacement


Garage Door Repair

Construction Repairs (Driveways, Porches, Etc)

Glass/Mirror Replacement

Dead Tree Removal

Paint/Stain and Touchups

Demolition of Small Buildings

Roof Repair & Tarping

Fallen Tree Removal

Stucco/Sliding/Veneer Repairs

Fence & Gate Repairs

Tile Repair & Replacement

Gutter Cleaning

Water Removal

Pools Pumped or Drained

Window Repair

Pressure Washing of Driveways and Porches


Hauling Services

Hauling Personal Property and Storing

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles and Boats

Waste Removal

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